Thursday, February 26, 2009

You did

It aches, and I cannot ease the pain.
It cries, and I cannot wipe the tears.
It shattered, and I cannot mend it back.
It fell, and I cannot catch it.
It's all gone, and I cannot find it.
It's all done, and I cannot undo it.
I broke my heart, yet again.

Will you ease my pain?
Will you wipe my tears away?
Will you mend it back?
Will you catch me when I fall?
Will you help me find it when its gone?
Will you help me undo what that's been done?
Will you unbreak my heart?
Will you make it a wholesome again?
Like you once did?

I pray you will.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The road, is never uninteresting.
There is only uninterested people.
I took the path alone,
Yet alone was not what it feels.

Yes, I wasn't lonely,
But all I could see,
Was the golden orb,
Settling down in the horizon.

And further down the road,
My emotions were robbed.
Replaced by something else
For what it is, cannot speak itself.

And then, I fell hard.
It does not hurt,
But it was a hole so deep,
Not one can see.

And while the sun sank,
I cried, and I smiled.