Friday, June 05, 2009

The day then

6th May 2008

I took what I deemed would be my last stroll before I left my campus of 3 years. The feeling is considerably far, hardly existent. But as I sat on the train back, it started to hit. I asked a friend, yes we would definitely miss each other's company. Three years is not long but nonetheless short, time is cruelly fast and also scarce, they are still plenty yet left to be explored. There were ample amounts of moments shared, yet when the end is near, everything seems so long ago, distant. A life that I once had, or is still holding on to, is slowly reaching its destiny. And here I am watching myself walking away from it as the clock ticks. Deep down I silently wish it wouldn't end so soon, even though I wouldn't call these 3 years great nor excellent, yet it is as eventful and interesting as one could have. Life is painted with plenty of colours from every single possible aspects within a short period, even only when the days left is numbered, it is still being painted. A part of the journey is almost complete, a mark has been made, and the sun will rise again to a new different life that awaits, after all the waiting.

So much that had happened, so much that has not.
So much that is long forgotten, and those that are still here.
So much that one could have today, and not tomorrow.
So much that what will come tomorrow, while yesterday is lost.
So much can one hope for, and the rest we care not.

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