Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Abang took a china tea cup filled with Bo Lei tea in his left hand, while his right was holding a small transparent bag filled with dad's medicine, and walk towards him. Dad put down his spatula and wipe his hands on the apron before taking the pills.

Dad asked if I ate any of the big rosy apples, I said no. Then he took out an orange, and started cutting them into slices and put a few of them in front of me. Seeing that I ate them, he took out another and repeated the cycle. Both of us shared two oranges :)

I took the garbage out as usual, preparing to wash my hands in the porch, and get back into the house to close the gate. But tonight, I didn't. Because mom closed the gate from inside the house before I got in.

All this happened within 15 minutes tonight. Tiny little gestures within a family, happening perhaps on a daily basis, long forgotten the beauty of it, but tonight it made me smile. I wondered if I'm getting old, or plain wiser in simply being grateful of my family.

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mystic-soul said...

you grew wise....